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Cube E14 4W

Pope’s Cube, the special cube-shaped led lamp, is back.

The Cube was originally produced as the ‘Cubo’ by the Italian brand Neolamp. This lamp was designed to be the perfect match to the tube-shaped fixtures from Sciolari, with their elegant seventies design. When the incandescent version was discontinued, an alternative failed to appear. With the new Cube from Pope, you will be able to fully enjoy your Sciolari fixture once again.

Whether your attention is drawn by the unique shape, the pleasant LED filaments, the opal glass or the beautifully finished brass socket – this bulb deserves to be seen. Now back in production with the advantages of modern LED technology.

Article numberP0001

The design


Matt glass

The cube-shaped glass has a frosted white coating, which creates a smooth, even diffusion of the light. This type of glass also prevents any annoying glares from the light.


Brass socket

Distinctive for the light sources from Pope is the usage of brass as material for the lamp socket. On the socket, the engraved Pope logo is unmistakably visible. 


Checkered square

The Cube is finished with a checkered pattern in a square shape, which creates a certain convex body. Unlike the old Cubo, the Cube has smooth, rounded corners.

The light emission

The LED filaments in the Cube produce an extra warm white light (2500K) and a light output of 250 Lumen. The color accuracy is also particularly high (>90%).
The high end LED filaments have an extremely long lifespan, and a low energy consumption. They are also fully dimmable.



The Cube was originally designed to be used in the fixtures of Sciolari, produced by Belgian company S.A. Boulanger Belgique. These glamorous design lamps from the seventies have been taken out of production, but today they are increasingly in demand due to their characteristic and unique design.

Distinctive for Sciolari’s post modernistic fixtures is the usage of round or square pipes, finished in brass or chrome. The Cube is a perfect fit for the square fixtures produced by Boulanger.


The packaging of the lamp is based on the original Pope box. The main color is red, as a reference to the original logo. The ocher yellow and turquoise were inspired by an authentic Pope signboard.


The grey foam is the best protection we can offer. Together with the sturdy cardboard, the foam makes sure your lamp is safely packed.



On the packaging, you can find the technical specifications of the lamp, as well as the history of the brand. Everything you need to know about your new lamp is right there on the side of the box.

Download the Cube's technical data sheet.

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